Basketball: Night of Champions and Placement Games Seeding Modification Announced

Commissioner Jim Hamric has announced a modification to the regular points-based seeding process for the Night of Champions and Placement Games. This modification was necessary due to the large number of COVID-related cancellations without the ability to reschedule that has rendered the points system ineffective.

The modified procedure permitted and implemented by the Emergency Rule provision in the MSAC Constitution and Bylaws is as follows:

  1. Teams must play a minimum of 5 conference games to be considered for participation in the championship or consolation game. If the minimum number of games is not met, the team will be moved to an appropriate placement game.
  2. Conference losses will be the first arbiter in determining seeding.
  3. A head to head result will be the first tiebreaker.
  4. If a tie still exists, beginning with the top of the standings and working in descending order, game results will be compared until the tie is broken.
  5. If a tie still exists, a coin flip will be utilized.

Placement games will be held at campus sites on April 8th for the 5 seed vs. 6 seed,  7  vs. 8 and 9 vs. 10 contests. The higher seeded team will host.

The Night of Champions will be played at South Charleston High School on April 10th with consolation (3 vs. 4) and championship games (1 vs. 2).

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