MSAC Preseason Football Poll Announced

Huntington was tabbed as the 2022 Pre-Season favorite in Football in a vote of league head football coaches at the annual media day held at Little Creek Golf Course in South Charleston. The poll is presented by Wally’s and Wimpy’s Sports Digest. The results of the poll is as follows (number of first place votes in parentheses):

  1. Huntington 93 (5)
  2. Cabell Midland 90 (4)
  3. Spring Valley 80 (1)
  4. George Washington 72
  5. Hurricane 54
  6. Parkersburg 51
  7. Riverside 36
  8. South Charleston 32
  9. Capital 24
  10. St. Albans 18

2022 All-MSAC Baseball Team Announced

Commissioner Jim Hamric today announced the 2022 All-MSAC Baseball Team as selected by a ballot of league coaches. Ethan Spolarich of Hurricane was selected as Player of the Year while St. Albans’ Rick Whitman and Spring Valley’s Austin Pratt were selected as Co-Coaches of the Year. The full team is as follows:

2022 MSAC Baseball

All-Conference Team

Player of the Year

Ethan Spolarich – Hurricane – Sr.

Coach of the Year

Rick Whitman – St. Albans

Austin Pratt – Spring Valley

First Team:


Reece Sutphin – Hurricane – Jr.

Logan Lingenfelter – Cabell Midland – Sr.

Grant Stratton – Spring Valley – So.

Branson McCloud – Spring Valley – Jr.


Jackson Fetty – Cabell Midland – Sr.

Damian Witty – Hurricane -Jr.

Jaeden Anderson – George Washington – Sr.

Will Campbell – St. Albans – Sr.

First Base

Brady Williams – St. Albans – Jr.

Second Base

Quarrier Phillips – Hurricane – Sr.

Garrett Comer – St. Albans – Jr.


Carson McCoy – St. Albans – Sr.

Third Base

Bryson Rigney – Hurricane – Sr.


Curtis Ball – Cabell Midland – Sr.

Designated Hitter

Issac McCallister – George Washington – Sr.

Luka Moore – Hurricane – Sr.


Ryker Parker – St. Albans – Fr.


Second Team:


Ethen Riggs – Huntington – Sr.

Cam Reed – George Washington – Sr.

Braden Shepherd – Huntington – Sr.

Ethan Marshall – Parkersburg – Jr.


Issac Petitt – Cabell Midland – Jr.

Lukas Conn – Huntington – Sr.

Carter King- Parkersburg – Sr.

Cameron Kirsch – Capital – Sr.

First Base

John Tyler Graves – Riverside – Sr.

Johnny Kirkpatrick – Capital – Sr.

Second Base

Grant Shumaker – Spring Valley – Jr.


Kyler Dixon – South Charleston – Sr.

Garrett Stuck – Capital – Sr.

Third Base

Evan Wilson – Capital – So.


Eli Shouldis – Huntington – Sr.

Designated Hitter

Sammy Booth – Spring Valley – So.


Hayden Mattison – Huntington – Sr.

Drew Woofter – Parkersburg – Sr.


Special Honorable Mention

Hunter McSweeney – Cabell Midland

Ryker Parker – St. Albans

Bryson Hayton – Spring Valley

Dustin Johnson – South Charleston


Honorable Mention

Austin O’Malley – Huntington

Matthew Kuhns – Capital

Noah Jordan – Cabell Midland

Izek Baldwin – Parkersburg

Caden Johnson – Hurricane

Eli Dawson – George Washington

Jordan Moseley – St. Albans

Tyler Perdue – Riverside

Jacob Maynard- Spring Valley

2022 All-MSAC Softball Team Announced

Commissioner Jim Hamric today announced the 2022 All-MSAC Softball team as selected by a ballot of league coaches. St. Alban’s Jaden Conrad was selected as Player of the Year while Hurricane’s Meghan Stevens and South Charleston’s Chrissy Orcutt were selected as Co-Coaches of the Year. The full team is as follows:

2022 All-MSAC Softball Team

Player of the Year: Jaden Conrad 12 St Albans

Co-Coaches of the Year: Meghan Stevens Hurricane

Chrissy Orcutt South Charleston

First Team


Ana Jimenez            12        GW

Tayven Stephenson    11        St A

Madison Pitts        10        SV

Amillia Howard        12        Huntington


KK Wallis            11        CM

Tori Wells            12        SC

Jenna Christopher        12        SV

Madison Marks        10        Parkersburg

Jayla Bias-Smith        11        Huntington

First Base:

Punkie Harper          9        St A

Second Base:

Emma Sowder        12        SV

Third Base:

Emma Pauley        12        Riverside


Alivia Meeks 12 Hurricane


Madison Moon 12 Hurricane


Olivia Ball            10        CM

Brooklyn Osburn          9        SV


Kisten Roberts        12        Parkersburg   

Second Team:


Reagan Boggess        12        Hurricane

Lexi Scarberry        12        SC

Quinn Ballangee        10        CM

Hope Sizemore        11        SC


Kensy Thomas        11        GW

Hallie Dinklocker        12        SC

Eli Pena            11        Capital

Caelin Marcum        12        Huntington

First Base:

Allyson Webb        11        Capital

Second Base:

Jaden Jones              9        Hurricane

Third Base:

Emily Ross            12        SC


Mayci White            11        Riverside


Jillian Nay              9        Parkersburg


Makailyn Munday          9        Parkersburg   


Skylar Bishop        12        Capital

Special Honorable Mention:


Jess Terry             12        CM

Ryley Chapman          9        Riverside

Madison Sedosky        11        Capital


Hannah Slack 11 Riverside

First Base:

Jada Kent            11        Huntington

Kaya Zornes 10 Riverside

Second Base:

Lexi Black            10        Huntington

Third Base:

Sydney Young        10        StA


Passion Holley        11        GW


Sydney Turner          9        SV

Nadia Davis            11        Capital

Alexis Adkins        11         GW

Honorable Mention:

Capital-Reagan Clendenin, Maggie Rose

Cabell Midland-Jenna Dorsey, Sabrina Rose

GW-Alaira Evans, Addison Armstrong

Huntington-A’kyra Faulk, Maleia Johnson

Hurricane-Alexandra Anderson, Elisa Pye

Riverside-Emily Myers, Estella Miller

South Charleston-Caraline Dunn, Sophia Frye

Spring Valley-Brenna Reedy, Kate Spry

St Albans-Ava Bentley, Kayla Coffman

Hurricane Wins Both Boys and Girls Tennis Championships

Hurricane High School swept both the Boys and Girls Tennis Championships at the annual MSAC Tennis Tournament. The tournament was held in Parkersburg on April 29, 2022. Full results are below:



#1 singles – Rohen Jones GW

#2 singles – Aiden Cottrell CM

#3 singles – Curry Taylor HURR

#4 singles – Domenick Hoh HURR

Doubles – Kellen Pauley and Elias Kave HURR

  1. Hurricane 11
  2. George Washington 10
  3. Cabell Midland 7
  4. Huntington 4
  5. Parkersburg 3
  6. (Tie) South Charleston, Capital, Riverside, St. Albans 0
  7. Spring Valley DNP


#1 singles – Hanley Riner CM

#2 singles – Katy Limanen HURR

#3 singles – Tess Weiler – HUNT

#4 singles – Ella Peterson – HURR

Doubles – Molly Grimm and Emma Ratrie GW

  1. Hurricane 10
  2. George Washington 8
  3. Huntington 7
  4. Parkersburg 6
  5. Cabell Midland 3
  6. Capital 2
  7. St. Albans 1
  8. (Tie) South Charleston, Riverside 0
  9. Spring Valley DNP


Huntington Sweeps MSAC Track Championships

Huntington High School won both the Boys and Girls championship at the annual MSAC Track Championships held May 5th at University of Charleston Stadium at Laidley Field. Noah Waynick of Huntington was the Boys Track Athlete of the Year while Lily Haught of Hurricane was the Girls Track Athlete of the Year. Chris Parsons of Cabell Midland was selected Boys Coach of the Year and Justin Cox of Huntington was selected Girls Coach of the Year. Full Team standings and the All-Conference Teams are below:


Team Scores:

1-Huntington 158

2-CM   97

3-Hurricane   72

4-GW   52

5-Spring Valley   42

6-Capital   42

7-Riverside  38


9-South Charleston  17

10-St Albans   12



Team Scores:

1-Huntington 111

2-Parkersburg   93

3-Hurricane   87

4-CM   64

5-GW   48

6-Spring Valley   38

7-South Charleston   37

8-Riverside   35

9-Capital   32

10-St Albans   12


Boys All-MSAC

POY Noah Waynick, Huntington

COY Chris Parsons, Cabell Midland

100-Nadir Price, Capital 

200-Emirh White, Huntington

400-Adam Thomas, Spring Valley

800-Franklin Angelos, Parkersburg

1600-Franklin Angelos, Parkersburg

3200-Nick Kennedy, Hurricane

110 HH-Noah Waynick, Huntington 

300 H-Noah Waynick-Huntington

4 x 100-Huntington (Kelly, Z Jackson,J Jackson, White)

4 x 200-Huntington (Kelly, Johnson, J Jackson, White)

4×400-Spring Valley (Fuller, Pulley, Caldwell, Thomas)

4×800-Cabell Midland (Blatt, Gibson, Blower, Bailey)

Shuttles-Huntington (Garrett, Walker, Arthur, Waynick)

High Jump-Waynick, Huntington

Pole Vault-J Wallace, GW

Long Jump-Johnson, Huntington

Shot Put-Lunsford, CM

Discus-Lunsford, CM


Girls All-MSAC

POY Lily Haught, Hurricane

COY Justin Cox, Huntington

100-Candace Morris, Capital

200-Cirera Thacker,Huntington

400-Jayla Woods, South Charleston

800-Emma Jenkins, CM

1600-Audrey Hall, Hurricane

3200-Ella Hardin, Hurricane

100 HH-Lily Haught, Hurricane

300 H-Lily Haught, Hurricane

4 x 100-Huntington (Sheffield, Watts, Harper, Thacker)

4 x 200-Huntington (Sheffield, Harper, Gray, Thacker)

4×400-Parkersburg (Harvey, Lantz, Hastings, Gherke)

4×800-George Washington (Potters, Edstrom, Westerman,Akers)

Shuttles-Parkersburg (Wharton, Rutherford, Domenick, Gherke)

High Jump-Maynard, Spring Valley

Pole Vault- Smith-GW

Long Jump- Harper-Huntington

Shot Put-Crowder-Riverside