2023 MSAC Cross Country Meet – October 7th

The 2023 MSAC Boys and Girls Cross Country Meet will be held on Saturday, October 7th. The meet will be hosted by Cabell Midland High School. The boys race will begin at 10:30 AM and the girls will start at 11:05 AM. Awards will be given to the Top 10 individual runners as well as Team Champions for both boys and girls.

GOLF – Hurricane Wins 2023 MSAC Championship

Hurricane High School has won the 2023 MSAC Golf Championship. The tournament was held September 12th at Sleepy Hollow Golf Club in Hurricane. Cabell Midland finished second and George Washington third in the tournament.

Savannah Hawkins of Hurricane was named “Player of the Year”.

All- MSAC Golfers:

All-Conference MSAC Golfers:
Savannah Hawkins – 72    Hurricane
Kellen Pauley – 74             Hurricane
Carson O’Dell – 76      Hurricane
Brielle Milhoan – 76     Parkersburg
Josh Gooden – 77              Hurricane
Jack Michael – 77      Cabell Midland



Baseball: 2023 All-MSAC Team Announced

Commissioner Jim Hamric today announced the 2023 All-MSAC Baseball Team. Spring Valley’s Branson McCloud and Hurricane’s Damian Witty were named Player of the Year while Shane Saunders of South Charleston and Austin Pratt of Spring Valley were named Coach of the Year. The team was selected by a vote of league coaches. The full team:

2023 MSAC Baseball All-Conference

Player of the Year

Branson McCloud – Spring Valley – Sr.

Damian Witty – Hurricane – Sr.


Coach of the Year

Austin Pratt – Spring Valley

Shane Saunders – South Charleston




Pitcher (Select 4)

Dustin Johnson – South Charleston – Sr. 

Owen Gress – Hurricane – Sr.

Bryson Hoff – George Washington – Jr.

Evan Wilson – Capital – Jr.


Outfield (Select 4)

Tayveon Wilson – Huntington –  Fr.

Isaac Petitt – Cabell Midland – Sr.

Tristan Harless – St. Albans – Fr.

Eli Dawson – George Washington – Jr.


First Base

Ryker Parker – St. Albans – So.


Second Base

Ayden Youngblood – St. Albans – Jr.



Dylan Bell – Hurricane – Sr.


Third Base

Ray Ray Williams – Cabell Midland – Jr.



Caden Johnson – Hurricane – Sr.


Designated Hitter

Kenyon Collins – Cabell Midland – Jr.



Nelson Woofter – Parkersburg – Sr.




Pitcher (Select 4)


Grant Stratton – Spring Valley – Jr.

Reece Sutphin – Hurricane – Sr.

Dylan Bell – Hurricane – Sr.

Ethan Marshall  – Parkersburg – Sr.


Outfield (Select 4)

Jack Eastone – Cabell Midland – Sr.

Abe Fenwick – George Washington – Jr.

Brayden Petty  – Parkersburg –  Sr.

Andrew Baria – Riverside – Sr.


First Base

Jax O’Roark – Huntington – Sr.

Chuck Kelley – George Washington – Fr.

Jake Walker – Riverside – Sr.


Second Base

Grant Shumaker – Spring Valley – Sr.



Cayden Parker - Parkersburg – Jr.


Third Base

Garrett Comer – St. Albans – Sr.



Jamison Smith – Spring Valley – Jr.

Designated Hitter

Joe Lively – George Washington – Sr.


Garrett Wagoner – Spring Valley – So.



Alex Wilson – Riverside 

Hunter McSweeney – Cabell Midland 

Jake Walker – Riverside 

Eli Petry – Riverside 

Braxton Burke – South Charleston

Corbin Dixon – South Charleston 

Alex Baria – Riverside 

Jake Walker – Riverside 

Jonathan Jackson – Huntington 



Gavin Comer – St. Albans

Bryce Eggleton – St. Albans

Ethan Fraley – Spring Valley

Cole Ferguson – Spring Valley

Ethan Bailey – Capital

Jalen Garnes – Capital

Colson Parker – Huntington

Jaxon Hatfield – Huntington

Weston Smith – Hurricane

Braden Sloan – Hurricane

Jackson Akers – South Charleston

Avery Graley – South Charleston

Luke Samuel – Cabell Midland

Landon Nida – Cabell Midland

Eli Smith – George Washington

Ty Nettles – George Washington

Alex Baria – Riverside

Caleb Knapp – Riverside

Colin McCarter – Parkersburg

Zach Shockey – Parkersburg


Softball: 2023 All-MSAC Team Announced

Commissioner Jim Hamric today announced the 2023 All-MSAC Softball Team. Spring Valley’s Madison Pitts was named Player of the Year while Herman Beckett of Cabell Midland was named Coach of the Year. The team was selected by a vote of league coaches. The full team:

2023 MSAC Softball All-Conference

Player of the Year
Madison Pitts – Spring Valley

Coach of the Year
Herman Beckett – Cabell Midland


Pitcher (Select 4)

Hope Sizemore – South Charleston – Sr.
Tayven Stephenson – St. Albans – Sr.
Audrea Watts – Cabell Midland – Fr.
Alexis Adkins – George Washington – Sr.

Outfield (Select 4)

Kate Spry – Spring Valley – So.
KK Wallis – Cabell Midland – Sr.
Madison Marks – Parkersburg – Sr.
Nat Tomblin – George Washington – Fr.

Sophie Frye – South Charleston – So.

First Base

Allison Webb – Capital – Sr.

Second Base

Kennedy Davis – Spring Valley – So.

Sydney Young – St. Albans – Jr.

Third Base
Sydney Turner – Spring Valley – So.
Alexandrea Anderson – Hurricane

Designated Hitter
Olivia Bell – Cabell Midland – Jr.
Punkie Harper – St. Albans – So.

Brooklyn Osburn – Spring Valley – Sr.
Quinn Ballengee – Cabell Midland – Jr.


Kylee Conley – Parkersburg – So.
Kate Justice – Hurricane – Fr.
Kenzie Kessel – Hurricane – Fr.
Madison Sedosky – Capital – Sr.

Ashlyn Williamson – South Charleston- Sr.
Kayla Coffman – St. Albans – Sr.
Jayla Bias-Smith – Huntington – Sr.
Katelyn Hopkins – Hurricane – Jr.

Kiersten Lacy – St. Albans – Jr.
Sabrina Rose – Cabell Midland – Jr.

First Base
Karalyne Wade – George Washington – Jr.

Second Base
Lexi Black – Huntington – Jr.

Jaden Jones – Hurricane – So.

Third Base
Passion Holley – George Washington – Sr.

Nadia Davis – Capital
Kami Langdon – Huntington
Abby Roberts – Parkersburg
Alyssa Gibson – St. Albans
Krista Durkin – Parkersburg
Caraline Dunn – South Charleston
Mayci White – Riverside
Alexis Gibson – Huntington
Kenzie Kessel – Hurricane
Reagan Clendenin – Capital
Makailyn Munday – Parkersburg
Sydney Earwood – Huntington
Jayden Riedel – South Charleston

Elise Pye – Hurricane
Grace Robie – Hurricane
Ava Bentley – St. Albans
Ali Long – St. Albans
Nicole Harris – Cabell Midland
Adison Perdue – Cabell Midland
Eli Pena – Capital
Jaden Bishop – Capital
Jada Kent – Huntington
Hannah Adkins – Huntington
Tylie Barton – George Washington
Addie Armstrong – George Washington
Kyleigh Bulger – South Charleston
Sidney Harris – South Charleston
Brenna Reedy – Spring Valley
Chloe Townsend – Spring Valley
Emily Myers – Riverside
Keelee Harrison – Riverside

2023 Boys and Girls Track and Field All-Conference Team Announced

Commissioner Jim Hamric has announced the 2023 MSAC Boys and Girls Track and Field All-Conference Teams. Team members were champions of their individual events. Kyrell Lewis of Spring Valley and Lily Haught were named “Track Athletes of the Year” in a vote by league coaches. Justin Ross and Justin Cox, both of Huntington, were named Coaches of the Year.




BOYS                                                        GIRLS

100 Tyshawn Dues Hurricane                      Candace Morris  Capital

200 Kyrell Lewis Spring Valley                     Lily Haught    Hurricane

400 Landon Duelly  Parkersburg                  Wylie Monnett  GW

800 Tristan Blatt Cabell Midland                   Audrey Hall    Hurricane

1600 Jack Mills  Parkersburg                        Ella Hardin   Hurricane

3200 Ty Steorts  Hurricane                          Elli Hines    Parkersburg

110 H Donovan Garrett  Huntington            100 H Lily Haught   Hurricane

300 H Jarell Reese  South Charleston        Lily Haught   Hurricane

HJ Michael Johnson   Huntington              Anaya Matthews South Charleston

PV Harry Wallace  GW                                Morgan Miller  Hurricane

LJ Zaiden Scott  Huntington                        Maleigh Crum  Spring Valley

Shot Michael Lunsford CM                          Mallory Crowder  Riverside

Discus Isaiah Hagley  CM                              Ava Wortman  CM


  1. Huntington                                        Huntington
  2. Cabell Midland                                Cabell Midland
  3. Hurricane                                          Parkersburg
  4. Spring Valley                                    Hurricane
  5. Parkersburg                                     Geo Washington
  6. Geo Washington                            Spring Valley
  7. So Charleston                                 So Charleston
  8. St Albans                                          St Albans
  9. Riverside                                          Riverside
  10. Capital                                              Capital

Track Athletes of the Year

Kyrell Lewis  Spring Valley                         Lily Haught  Hurricane

Coaches of the Year

Justin Ross  Huntington                             Justin Cox  Huntington